Choreography of the Mouth; nil by mouth, performance trailer video, 01.33

A Performative 'talk', 10.00, 2017

A performative ‘talk’ encompassing composed sounds with choreographed movements of the teeth, the throat, the lips and the tongue. The mouth, isolated from the body, performs a deeply unsettling yet universal language that confronts the role of the audience and the artist alike. 


photograph by Alex Schröder 

"Natalie’s intense, controlling, and memorable performance moved the judges, especially the deeply unsettling choreography of the mouth, and a scream which literally hurt the ears. Being party to this performance is a difficult experience, but this deeply personal work reaches outside of itself. Its animalistic presentness and careful theatricality touch on bodily abjection, sanitization, and the human spirit in ways that evoke the work of Beckett as much as the contemporary horror movie or fetishistic sexual practices."

'The Object Doesn't Exist', Props, Ghent, Belgium. 2018
Photography by Nicole Halsberghe