Choreography of the Mouth is an ongoing art/research project started in 2015 that explores the mouth as an organ of radical expression.


The mouth can bite, chew, spit, eat, burp, choke, cough, gag, spit, vomit, whistle, cry, scream, shout, gasp, growl, grunt, sigh, yawn, kiss, lick, suck, laugh, lisp, mumble, mute, pause, stutter, murmur and whisper. (LaBelle, 2014)


We apply a social etiquette to the mouths behaviours but the mouth seems to move as if by its own infraction; a performative chamber fundamental to identity and social conditioning.  My research explores the mouth as a bridge between the inner (self) and the outer (world), a pivotal point in which boundaries and taboos are held in balance. The mouth performs, creating a meeting point for communication, the body and all its desires to take place.