​Bite, Chew, Spit. Live Art Performance (durational) & Installation

The mouth is used as a performative tool to play with and to cross the invisible. Boundaries of both artist and audience (alike) are made visible through the placed and chewed gum expressing control and a loss of it. A silent voice lingering between the teeth, scratching at the throat, provoking the tongue rests gently upon the lips. A conversation without words is born in the mouth when we pause to accept boredom as an experience. Daring you to engage in all its uncertain possibilities, it can engulf us, creating a confrontation of the self in moments of ‘emptiness’.

"The performances of Natalie Fyfe actually do not focus on the face alone but on our mouth as the stage where actually happens everything that makes us human – the food is being chewed, the language (sound) is being created, and we are being connected with others in a kiss. In Choreography of the Mouth-Nil by Mouth, the mouth performs (the whole face except the mouth is in a fetishist way covered with a mask where the connection with the peep show element of Ruitinga can be found) a choreography which almost, just as in Shakespeare's As you like it, brings us to different ages of our life: to the scream which brought us to life, to the infant, to the lover and to our animalistic side which is with us all the time." http://www.seelab.nl/all-the-worlds-a-stage