Choreography of the Mouth is an ongoing art/research project started in 2015 that explores the mouth as an organ of radical expression. I use the mouth as a performative stage to question the border between the distinctions of voice; the body sounded, the unvoiced inner voice and the voice of mental illness. Breathing, burping, spitting, biting, and (sometimes) screaming, I explore the animalistic and the fragile qualities of identity which are ultimately tied to the empowerment and the importance of finding ‘one’s own’ voice. Breaking the boundaries of the social linguistics and confronting behavioural taboos, the mouth performs in its own right. Resulting in a meeting point, a bridge, in-which communication, the body, the mind and all its desires hang in the balance of an erupting orifice. At any moment, the mouth can suddenly part (as if by its own infraction).  Placing the mouth as a lost ‘voice’. To speak beyond the power of words. 

Mouth Journal, 2019